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Increasing staff during a recession may lead to a brighter business future

Increasing staff during a recession may lead to a brighter business future

A recession often demands that businesses cut costs. With increasing pressures on companies to do so, the first place the axe falls is often on staffing levels. But take a step back; is this really where cuts should be made?

Staffing is often the main expense in any business, so it is easy to see the logic that reducing staff levels can offer a quick cost saving to a company. However is this flawed thinking?

Stockton-On-Tees based Odyssey Systems has taken a completely different outlook to their staff levels.

Managing director Mike Odysseas said “we feel a recession is the perfect opportunity to hire staff, not make redundancies as there are people looking for jobs with a wealth of experience and knowledge and I want to take advantage of this.

l want to make my team as strong as possible in these trying times.

We are thinking ahead and when we do leave the recession we will do so with a large knowledgeable team ready to do business.”

Sarah Newcombe Managing Director of Work Matters Recruitment in Hartlepool added “Businesses really need to take into consideration what impact reducing staff levels will have. Will it affect staff morale? Will you be losing staff to competitors and ultimately what would be the future re-hiring costs? Odyssey systems is taking a positive from the recession and really making it work for their business”.

“It may be every business cannot afford to take on more staff, but I believe that good staff is the key to success and this is not a time to be losing your best people. A company can turn quieter periods to their advantage by spending this time training and developing new thus setting their business in a better position post-recession.