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Work Matters launches new website

Our new website is here!! To celebrate 10 years of trading we have decided to re-launch our site to reflect recent developments at Work Matters and provide visitors with a more informative and unique experience. Simplicity, honesty and transparency are important principles that Work Matters incorporates into its daily operations and we want our website to do the same. Our easy to navigate, informative site is designed to simply tell you what you want and need to know. Unlike many of our competitors ... Read More

CVs – What not to Include!!

Many of us are aware of what we should include in a comprehensive CV, however here is a list of what not to include! Out of date information- by all means include details of employment to show you have a long and largely unbroken career history.  You do not, however, need to go into detail about the specific roles and responsibilities from every job you have had especially if they have no or little relevance to the job you are applying for. Negative language ... Read More

Preparing an Application Letter

So you have written your CV showcasing your knowledge and skills. It is easy to read, accurate and eye-catching, your spelling and grammar are correct and you have got all of your evidence to back up what you say. You cannot fail, or can you? Whether your potential employer has requested a CV or an application form, in the vast majority of cases you will need to produce a covering letter. It may be that even before they read your form ... Read More